Jennifer de St Georges delivers her content driven, solution based Program designed for both professional and emerging speakers in her trademark fast paced and humorous style. Her common sense & logical approach to sharing over four decades of speaking career has won her a loyal global following.

Like many of us, Jenny started her speaking company out of her house. Incensed re the poor quality of seminar she attended in her field of expertise (dental practice management) she requested a full refund.  Her professional speaking career started 16 weeks later!

Jenny created a dental practice management program and for the next ten years ran her own public full day seminars across the county.  In time,  she grew JdSG International Inc. to 7 full time corporate staff and a team of 8 consultants and a teaching facility. She became a ‘big fish’ in the small pond of dentistry! Some years later, Jenny sold her dental speaking & product company to a global dental corporation.

A member of NSA since the mid ‘80’s she is an active member of the Northern California (NC) Chapter, where she has served on the Board, been awarded Member of the Year and actively involved in the Speaker Academy since its inception. Jenny has presented at several NSA annual conventions and various State Chapters. Globally, she is very active in the Professional Speakers Association of UK (PSA/UK) and is an honorary Fellow of the association.  Jenny has also presented for the   speaking associations Eire, UK, France & Germany

Between her two speaking markets of dentistry and the National Speakers Association, Jenny has presented over 1,000  programs on five continents.  She has over 350 published dental business articles. For most of her speaking career, her dental product line outpaced her dental speaking income.

Jenny has more knowledge in the tip of her little finger than 99.999% of the people in the world have in their whole body and mind.  And she gives it to you simply and practically. Jenny always gives the best, most practical and most useful information in a simple and practical way. She saves you years of research, struggle and mistakes. You can go right home and implement.  Brilliant, absolutely brilliant Thank you, Jenny       

Susie Elton, 2015


Jenny provides tremendous content in useful digestible chunks. I learned more in 6 hours than in months with other experts. I have a much better understanding now for my speaking business     

Linda Shively 2015


I want to send an ‘official’ thank you for doing such a terrific job at our NSA Colorado Chapter February 2003 meeting. We really needed to hear you share your expertise on International Business. You really hit the nail on the head-you were simply superb. I personally want to thank you for your candor and clarity. It was obvious you could have filled an entire day sharing your experience in the speaking industry.

David Crowley, VP Professional Development NSA/CO