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Become a professional speaker in one day?


When passion drives us, we are challenged to find the most productive outlet for our message.

I became a professional speaker in one day.

A single sentence, that while very true, does not do nearly enough justice to the many years of frustration and hard-learned lessons I experienced solving problems in the industry that became the focus for my business. In the end it was all about applying  common sense and logic to every day situations faced by dentists and their staff.

But what transformed me from being an audience attendee to an internationally known speaker presenting at events all over the world?  A realization, that speakers need to have solutions to problems. And what I was seeing that day did not deliver on any level.

Worse – people were paying good money for bad information.

Sitting in the hotel lobby after that shabby presentation, I mapped-out  how I would have designed the program. From there I was able to build an organization that employed seven corporate staff and eight consultants. Eventually I sold my company for seven figures.

So what is my secret?

  1. Create goals and plans with the ideal approach in mind
  2. Plan how/when to compromise one’s ideals for reality
  3. Appreciate how taking a proactive, rather than a reactive approach to life reaps a ROI
  4. Accept that to problem solve is money in the bank.

Anyone CAN build a successful career if they apply these 4 pillars of wisdom to their business.

Where should you go from here?

The first place to start is a gut-check. Do you have the goods? Are you offering a solution to a problem people are actually going to pay you to solve? If the answer is yes then visit the knowledge store and look at some of the programs I’m offering. You’ll find audios, videos and eBooks that will help you on your journey.

If you think you need more personalized coaching and development on how to structure your speaking business, I can help. Through my speaker coaching program together we will take a hard look at your current business model and apply the many lessons I have learned over the years to your platform. Click here for more information.