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JdSG’s 17 Point Plan to Build & Grow your Speaking Business

 ‘It takes more than Platform Skills to build a Speaking Business”

Are you ready to elevate your professional speaking/coaching career? Learn how to move past your procrastination tendencies so you create/develop new programs, products & markets? 

JdSG’s Speaker Program delivers logical, practical, & proven solutions to motivate & support speakers to reach their potential. Jenny is the consummate speaker who has walked in your shoes, at every level. She is known for her creativity & thinking ‘outside the box’. 

Her clients benefit from her ability to provide customized solutions to solve their specific needs utilizing a two step process: solving the current issue(s) and then developing a pro-active plan so ‘maydays’ rarely happen!

Change should be productive, exciting and fun! Jenny delivers on all counts. JdSG’s plan will help you plot your own future.

  1. Passion – focus your energy & enjoy the results!
  2. Perfectionism & Procrastination – acknowledgement is 1st step to removing this barrier
  3. Pro-activeness & Perseverance – essential to make a core part of one’s speaking life
  4. Programs – turn ‘content’ into Programs, enjoy long term growth & financial stability
  5. Purchasers – how to ‘close the deal’: associations, corporate, clients, government, etc.  
  6. Practice Malpractice Prevention – be pro-active-place your Disclaimers everywhere!
  7. Platform Skills – ‘on stage’ requires speakers to be prepared for ‘anything & everything’!
  8. Professionalism ‘Off stage’ – profile of the successful speaker-protect your integrity & reputation
  9. Promotion – capture referrals, testimonials; invite sponsors & affiliate relationships
  10. Prospect Mining – social media over/underrated? Cold calling relevant? Role of past clients.
  11. Protocols – utilize Operational Systems which deliver strong outcome & monitoring results
  12. Process – speakers must educate themselves about today’s complex technical resources  
  13. Profit – Financial controls, consistent focus/monitors, create budgets/goals
  14. Professional Support – when to outsource or keep in-house-use your talents & time wisely!
  15. Product – your Programs/content are your product-create passive income. Enjoy the freedom.
  16. Playing in the Global Market – technology has opened up the world-jump in, after preparation!
  17. Propagate – expand your Programs to other markets, well designed programs require little change!

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