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Build and Grow your Speaking Business

JdSG’s 17 Point Plan delivers!

 It takes more than speaking skills to build a speaking business

Program Synopsis:

Jenny has condensed four decades of her professional speaking expertise into a definable 17 Point Plan.  This program is designed to follow a logical sequence covering all aspects of building & expanding a speaker and/or consultant’s business.        

This Program returns the best ROI when scheduled for a full day.  Jenny acknowledges NSA Chapter schedules.  Half a day is available.

Promised Outcomes:

Attendees leave with a comprehensive & truly practical Road Map. No matter at what level each attendee is in their own speaking business/coaching business/career, the practical tools & proven techniques enable them to create their own Master Plan to move to the next level. Jenny intertwines Q & A’s throughout her programs. Audiences leave her sessions excited & motivated to focus on making happen.      

  1. Passion – outcomes happen when one focuses one’s energy
  2. Perfectionism & Procrastination – traits speakers need to learn to harness or break
  3. Pro-activeness & Perseverance – adopt a management style that makes things happen!
  4. Programs – convert ‘content’ into Programs-enjoy long-term growth & financial security
  5. Purchasers – Associations, Corporate, Coaching clients etc. ‘Close the deal’  
  6. Practice Malpractice Prevention – be pro-active with your Disclaimers of every kind!
  7. Platform Skills – ‘on stage’ requires speakers to be prepared for everything!
  8. Professionalism – profile of a Successful Speaker-on & off the stage!
  9. Promotion – capture referrals, testimonials, create sponsors, affiliate relationships
  10. Posting Opinions – blogs, articles, FYI’s, Forums, share your content-create a voice
  11. Prospecting – cold calling, speaking to promote your off-stage business? Close the deal! 
  12. Protocols – Strong Operations keep you connected & protected to sales & income    
  13. Profit – Financial controls, consistent focus/monitors, create budgets/goals
  14. Professional Support – when to outsource, when to keep it inhouse, invest wisely!
  15. Product – your content is your product. Create & deliver-enjoy passive income
  16. Play Globally – grow your brand & product. Enjoy the world and another income stream!
  17. Propagate – expand your Programs to other markets, usually with little adjustment!