sized headshotMy professional speaking career has not been hampered by not receiving any personal one on one coaching over the years.

But I also feel that certain areas of my speaking career could have been greatly enhanced and fast tracked if I’d simply reached out to fellow speakers for some coaching advice along the way. In those times, I did not know what I did not know.

Professional speaking, in  my opinion, is made up of two very specific components, and my coaching is clearly delineated around these two separate areas.

  • The speaker “on stage”
  • The business of speaking off stage.

Working with speakers ‘on stage’, I am not of the school of thought which feels a need to mold a speaker.  Rather, I love to take natural talent and work to fine tune their passion, message and outcomes. Off stage, I am a believer in protocols, detailed processes, specifics, structure and consistency.

When I work with you, the outcome is simple. You will have all the tools in place to become the most successful speaker you can possibly be.