The Golden Rule AKA The Ideal way

Congratulations!One point that I touch on in my book is the distinction between speakers who “speak” and speakers who “educate”. Over my career, I have developed a technique for the latter type, which enables speakers to effectively educate their audience. I call this approach “The Ideal Way” or, sometimes, “The Golden Rule”. This approach is best used with maximal audience interaction and participation.

  • Identify a problem in their business. This seemingly obvious step is one that many speakers overlook. People will connect to their own problems better than to vague and general advice. Tailor your advice to fit their specific needs. However, if this approach is done correctly, the advice you give should be relevant to a good chunk of your audience, not just the member your are speaking to.
  • Explore how they are handling this problem. The purpose of this step is to identify why their way of dealing with the problem isn’t working. Often they might realize that their way of handling the problem may be causing more damage than the problem itself.
  • Give them a new way to handle the problem. The thing to remember with this step, which is obviously the most important one, is that you are trying to accomplish two things. Firstly, you are attempting to identify a new, constructive way to solve the person’s problem. Secondly, however, you want them to see how your new approach can also be used to solve other problems, whether or not they even knew they had them. This will also allow other members of the audience to identify and connect with what you said, even though your response was specifically tailored to one person.



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