The Speakers’ Speaker

Current research shows 85% of Americans do not like their job.  As speakers, if we get on stage, not loving our job, our audience walks out.

My greatest joy is speaking to speakers about the business of being a professional speaker.

The speaking business falls into two very clear camps. The speakers who speak for a living and the speakers who speak to promote their off-stage services.

I am of the first persuasion.  The fact I have historically created more revenue from selling product than from what my speaking fees generated is a testimonial to the importance and power of the platform. Bottom line, an audience should not be able to tell whether a speaker is a career speaker or one marketing off platform services.

My speaking program is titled The 9 P’s of Professional Speaking. Testimonials relating to this program allow a potential show again and again the ROI of this program for speakers at every level.

For over 25 years I have presented programs to both the National and local chapters of the National Speakers Association. In  2013  my calendar included speaker-focused programs in the UK, Germany and France.

Even if you are not an executive in your local or national chapter, you can pass this site to someone who is.

If budget is an issue, technology has made things very easy. With webinars, tele-seminars and other options, this program is a cost-effective way to add value and bring greater success to your members.